Galactic Starfighter Guide to the FT6 PIKE!


FT-6 Pike Build Guide

The FT-6 Pike is a Republic Strike fighter.  It’s Sith Counterpart is the F-T2 Quell.  The Pike is a missile gunboat.  You light enemies up with torpedoes from far out, then close in for the kill.  It’s a mid-long range fighter.  Not as long range as the Gunship, but once upgraded, you can pick off enemies from beyond 10,000 meters.  Ahh the tears and carnage!  I have a 70% win rate with my Pike.

FT-6 Pike Setup

Knowing what your FT-6 Pike is like in battle helps you set it up.  I’ve labeled things with the Republic options to start, but have provided the abilities to look for Sith side until I can do a little more research.

FT-6 Pike Components

The first three will be your in-game weapons, the last two will be your in-game abilities.

  • Primary Weapons : Quad Laser Cannon or Heavy Laser Cannon
  • Secondary Weapons : Concussion Missiles – Closer range, faster lock, more damage.
  • Secondary Weapons : Proton Torpedoes – Start the psychological warfare from beyond 10,000 meters.
  • Shields : Quick Charge Shields – Get some shields up fast when you run out.
  • Engines : Koiogran turn – Standard weapons/missile-dodge ability.  Any will do based on your playstyle.

These are purely passive stats:

  • Armor : Lightweight Armor – Evasion to avoid those pesky scout fighters.
  • Capacitor : Damage Capacitor – You want all the damage you can get when you have to resort to blasters.
  • Magazine : Munitions Capacity Extender – You want a good stockpile of missiles to avoid running out.
  • Thrusters : Speed Thrusters – Increases overall engine speed.

FT-6 Pike Cosmetics

Not important.  They won’t even see your missiles coming, let alone you.  Maybe there will be Cartel Market purchasable Missile Lock ringtones.

FT-6 Pike Crew

The companions have various passive skills across different classes.  Look for the companions with the listed skills.

  • Co-Pilot – Bypass (Nadia Grell Republic)  This will ignore some of the enemy’s shields.  Great ability for burst damage.


  • Offensive – Rapid Reload and Pinpointing – Faster missile launching, and better blaster accuracy. (B-3G9 Republic)
  • Defensive – Power to Shields and Response Tuning – Bigger shield energy pool and increased evasion. ( Nadia Grell Republic)
  • Tactical – Peripheral Vision and Silent Running – All about increasing detection time to lock on missiles sooner. (Treek or Elara Dorne Republic)
  • Engineering – Power to Blasters and Efficient Maneuvers – Sustained blaster fire, and lower ability costs. (Ashy Republic)

Strategy For FT-6 Pike PilotsGalactic Starfighter PT-6 Pike

Proton Torpedoes on your approach (10,000 meters or more), then swap to Concussion Missiles (7,000 meters and less) as the gap closes.  Finally, use your Quad Laser cannons (5,000 meters and less) if anything is left.  You can safely sit outside turret range at satellites and take out turrets, forcing any enemy guards to come to you.  Your biggest problem will be gunships which can outrange you as far as weapons fire.  Boost in, chase it off at close range, and return to sniping range.

First Strike With The Pike

Having your enemy hearing missile locks when they aren’t even range to retaliate is a powerful psychological weapon in itself.  This puts your enemy on the defensive, giving you more time to line up the kill.  You should be decimating as you close in.  10,000 meters with a proton torpedo, 7,000 meters with a concussion missile, 5,000 meters with quad cannons, and that should be the end of that.  You can do some dogfighting, but you are better suited softening up your kill from afar.  Damage should be fairly decent once you’re fully upgraded.  You may be getting a lot of assists as well since you’re beginning your barrage from so far back.

I’ll be updating the build as time, experience, and patches dictate.  If you have any questions, or feedback, fire away in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Galactic Starfighter Guide to the FT6 PIKE!”
  1. Deflection armor is kind of a bad idea due to the number of armor ignoring weapons out there.
    Range capacitors do not affect missiles… that only modifies primary weapons. Use frequency for the most damage increase in a short burst or damage for an extra punch but without hurting your quad’s energy spend rate any.

    Consider turning thruster to help you keep targets in your missile lock “cone”.

    1. I actually started looking at switching to evasion a few days ago since scouts at close range are the biggest threat. Initially I just wanted to be able to take maximum punishment, but I definitely see evasion’s benefits. I see more and more people recommend it.

      Good information, thanks for all this.

    1. I prioritize Torpedoes –> Missiles —> Lasers —> Shields —> Engines. Torpedoes and Missiles I keep one tier above the other three, these are what you’ll be using 70% of the time or more. You can go down and upgrade armor if you’re feeling extra squishy. I did, and it felt like a good upgrade, but I hate not being efficient! It would technically be faster to maximize everything for ‘Mastery’. I also put up a Pike video build here if you’re interested. It shows a little more.

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