FT-6 Pike Strategy Guide (F-T2 Quell)

Dogfighting with the FT-6 Pike Missile Funboat


I call this ship the Missile Funboat because it’s hilariously  fun just launching missile after missile after missile while your opponent isn’t even in range to retaliate.  This guide is specific to the Pike and Quell, although some tips may pertain to other ships as well.  If you want dogfighting tips, check out my general Dogfighting Guide.  If you need a build for your Pike or Quell, check out my ‘Missile Funboat’ Pike Build Guide.

Pike Tips To Remember

  • Engines are a big concern for you.  Keep your engine power up.  Your engines are for the sprint, not the marathon.
  • Your turning rate is also a little lacking, making it harder for you to face an enemy in a dogfight.
  • Try to stay at range.  Range for you is 7000 to 10000 meters.  Missile locks are plan A.  Dogfighting is plan B.
  • Remember, 10000 meters works above and below.  You can go just under 13000 meters above the satellites before you hit the exhaustion zone.  Use this extra space.
  • Do not chase too far off the satellite.  If they run out too far, you are better off returning and setting up for them to return.

Attacking Satellites

As you boost towards a satellite at the beginning of the game, you want to switch to proton torpedoes.  This will allow you to start locking on the instant an enemy is in range (10000 meters without upgrades).  As soon as you launch your first torpedo, swap to your Concussion Missiles.  Your proton torpedo launcher will take too long to reload, and your concussion launcher will lock on faster.  You will also likely be within 7000 meters now anyway.  If they’re still alive or dodging your missiles, finish them off with your quad laser cannons.

Head to an open objective.  In the Kuat Mesas, A and C are good choices.  In the Lost Shipyards, A and B are good choices.  These satellites are wide open, with nothing around them.  There are too many obstructions to allow you to reliably get missile locks at the other objectives.  Missile locks mean success.  Avoid attacking satellites at Kuat Mesas B, and Lost Shipyards C.

If you are attacking an enemy defended satellite, close to 9999 meters, and start firing your proton torpedoes at the turrets, or dive below and take out the bombers.  Your enemy must then come to you, or allow you to take out all their turrets with ease.  This is a great 1v1 strategy with the Pike.

Satellite Defense

If you have multiple enemies trying to destroy you at a satellite, put all power to shields and flip upside down.  Start flying under the satellite and through the wings.  This will make your job of dodging easier, and your enemy’s job harder even if they follow suit.  Remember not to follow a set pattern.  You don’t want your next position to be predictable.

When someone is avoiding your fire by circling under the satellite wings, boost to the bottom of the satellite, stop, and look up.  You should now have an unobstructed view for a concussion missile lock.  If you are with a partner, you can have them do the same trick from above the satellite platform.  That way no matter which side the enemy weaves to, top or bottom, he’s taking fire.

Use the mother hen defense strategy.  If you are defending a satellite, sit on top of it with proton torpedoes readied.  Face your enemy spawn point/ship.  You are now like a mother hen, defending your nest(satellite), ever watchful for thieves(enemies) trying to steal your baby chick eggs(turrets)!  You will see when enemies are closing in, and can begin locking on the moment they enter range.  If you run into a gunship as pictured below, either charge them (strategy also below), or find some cover, then charge them.  If you run into any other ship, they can start sucking sweet lock tones.

Mother Hen Strategy

How To Counter Gunships

Countering gunships will be a skill you need to learn.  At 15000 meters (more if upgraded), they outrange even your proton torpedoes.  If you get hit by a gunship, find something to hide behind.  Gain your bearings – see which direction the gunship is.  Put full power to engines, and wait until you have a full engine pool.  Quickly boost towards the gunship, but do so at a 45-70 degree angle.  Otherwise, you will remain within their targeting reticle.  Continue to charge towards them until you get within 10000 meters.  Turn to face them, and begin to lock on with whichever missiles are appropriate.  Finish with your quad cannons once you are within 5000 meters.

Scouts can be a problem if they get within close range.  If you are defending a satellite, you can throw full power to shields and weave in, out, and around the satellite wings to avoid missile locks and the worst of the quad cannon fire.  This is only viable if you have friends coming to help you, otherwise you will need to do some dogfighting.  If you are attacking a satellite, regulate power to engines and boost far, far away.  Hopefully you will pull them off of the satellite allowing your allies to capture it.  You can then either lead them to allies, or try and dogfight them yourself.  The better upgraded your ship is, the better you will be able to dogfight them.  If you have a stock ship, you may just want to run to allies.

Bombers cannot break your missile volleys.  You are perfect for countering bombers.  Start at 10000 meters, follow up at 7000 meters, and finish off whatever is left at 5000 meters.

Good Pike Pilots Are Always Learning

I’ll be keeping this guide updated.  Balance patches, new maps, and new ships will keep testing these Pike strategies.   I am really enjoying the Pike, even more than the Flashfire.  My win rate is 70% with the Pike.  If you have any strategies you use specifically for the Pike, let me know in the comments below.  I’d like to try them out myself, and possibly implement them into this guide for everyone to use.

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