Help Choosing GSF Ships (Republic Guide)

Choosing Republic Ships

Below is a list of all Republic ships in Galactic Starfighter with any Cartel Market counterparts.  I’ve added some quick descriptions to help you decide which ship to play in Galactic Starfighter.  You can click on the link to be taken straight to the build for that particular ship.

Republic Strike Fighters

Strike fighters are meant to be well rounded ships.  Deal decent damage, take decent damage.  They are like a jack of all trades, but master of none.  The Clarion is an exception, being the best support ship in the game.  Strikes are not glory ships, so if you want top damage and/or kills, look elsewhere.

  • Star Guard / Enforcer [Dogfighter, Support] The Star Guard can be configured for all out assault (think glass cannon), or swap its secondary weapons to Ions for more team support.  Even with Ions, it still packs plenty of punch.
  • Pike [Dogfighter, anti-bomber, anti-satellite] The Pike is a dogfighter with missiles, although it has blasters as well.  The Pike engages and longer ranges than most ships.  It can be configured as an anti-bomber platform as well, engaging bombers at twice the usual blaster fire range.
  • Clarion [Anti bomber, Support, Satellite Defense] The Clarion is an amazing support ship.  It has every tool you need to support your team, no matter what ship composition they run with.  It can be configured for dogfighting support, or as an anti-bomber platform.  It can also easily defend a satellite as well.

Republic Scouts

Scouts are meant to zip in, deal damage, and move on.  Finishing first, not last, is the name of the game.  They can outrun and outlast any other ship in a pursuit.  Bombers are public enemy number one.

  • Flashfire / Skybolt [Dogfighter] This is the ultimate dogfighter.  Its only purpose is to kill other ships, and it does it as well.  It is the apex predator in GSF.
  • Novadive [Anti-satellite, Support] Great for taking out satellite turrets, this ship’s pilot should have a hit and run mentality.
  • Spearpoint [Support] Tensor Field is this ship’s shining star ability.  It will get your teammates wherever they want to go in a hurry.  It’s not built very offensively, but excels in support play.

Republic Bombers

Bombers are the stars of Domination maps.  If a bomber reaches a satellite, its going to take an act of God to remove it.  They make great defensive and support choices, and regardless of chat and forum QQ, do require skillful and strategic play.  If you think bombers are easy mode, you are welcome to your opinion.  Just don’t post in the comments, because i’m going to hurt your feelings.

  • Warcarrier / Firehauler [Satellite defense, Support] With the Warcarrier/Firehauler, you can provide amazing team support with your healing drone, as well as dogfighter support with your seeker mines.  This also makes you ideal for satellite defense as well.  You can hop satellites in a Domination match to help capture or defend, as it does have some mobility.
  • Rampart Mark IV [Satellite Assault, Satellite Defense] There is no better ship to take or defend a satellite.  If you like guarding nodes, this ship was built specifically for you. Don’t assault satellites with turrets alone.
  • Sledgehammer [Dogfighter, Support] The Sledgehammer is like a Strike/Bomber hybrid.  You can do a little dogfighting with the Interdiction drone, but it is not specifically for this purpose.  It is a multi-role ship, meant to help attack/defend satellites as well.  As a dogfighter, key placement of the Interdiction drone is the centerpiece of gameplay.

Republic Gunships

Gunships are the sniper class of Galactic Starfighter.  They get a lot of hate because you can’t really do much to something 15k away, but they do take finesse to use.  If you play snipers in FPS games, this is your ship.

  • Quarrel / Redeemer [Long range attack, Support] The ‘best’ gunship.  Blast of Ions, then blast of Slug should clear out your target box.  You can use the Ions heavily as a support mechanic for your team.
  • Cometbreaker / Strongarm [***] Don’t take this as a serious ship.  It’s secondary component choices are all bad ones, making it the worst ship in the game.  It really just has the one railgun for long distance sniping.
  • Condor [Long range attack, dogfighter*] This ship is a Gunship/Scout hybrid.  Shoot at long range, but if someone gets close you can swap to missiles and take care of business.  Do not run into the front lines and think you are a Flashfire!  Think of it as a defensive dogfighter.  Focus on your railgun usage, but don’t be afraid to help out a friend being chased close by.

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