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Complete World PvP Resource For Star Wars: The Old Republic

World PvP is a no holds barred form of PvP.  It is the wild west of Star Wars.  Anything goes, and there are no rules.  The benefit to world PvP is that every class and every spec has its place.  World PvP in SWTOR can be a lot of fun, or a miserable corpse run.  It’s not for everyone.  Ok i’m done.  But it’s a lot of fun.

What I mean is, World PvP is amazing!  There’s nothing like it!


World PvP takes a little bit of preparation.  While you can just jump right in, remember there are other people out there who live for world PvP.  You never know who you’re going to run across.  It pays to be prepared.  For starters, you’ll want to make sure you pick a PvP server.  RP-PvP also works.  World PvP is a lot more prevalent on PvP servers than PvE servers.

PvP Gear

You absolutely must have PvP gear for world PvP.  The expertise stat puts it above and beyond regular PvE gear.  The basic PvP gear set for SWTOR comes from getting Warzone Commendations.  You’ll want to grind through some Warzones until you get a full set.  Buy your weapons first, then go for your set bonuses.  For extra help, you can check out my Guide to Warzones and PvP here.  I’ve also got some Warzone Tips for new Players here.


There are lots of little extras that can be a big help in world PvP.  Currently if you search for ‘Anodyne’ consumables, and ‘Farium’ grenades, you will find the latest consumables from the Revan expansion on the GTN.  Here’s a short list of things to look for:

  • Stims for whatever stat your class uses.  Make sure they persist through death!
  • Adrenals.  Use whichever stat matches best with your class. Power is a good general go-to stat.
  • Medpacs.  Do not confuse with Med Unit, which heals you and a companion.
  • Farium Seismic Grenades. Damages and sleeps enemies for 5 seconds.
  • Farium Electro-stun Grenades. Damages and stuns enemies briefly.
  • Farium Pyro Grenade. Puts a heavy hitting DoT on enemies.
  • Farium Freeze Bomb. Damages and roots enemies for 5 seconds.
  • Farium Cartel Waste Grenade. Damages and slows enemies by 70%.

Building Teams

A regular group of world PvP players will always perform better than a group of random pugs.  Voice chat is a must.  Check for other channels on your server like [wPvP] or [PvP] to find like minded players.  Having a good team composition will help a lot.  Most importantly, a healer will provide enormous benefits.  Two healers will make you unstoppable.

swtor wpvp help

World PvP Crew Skills

There are benefits for world PvP between two main Crew Skills.

  • Cybertech – Craft your own grenades. Reusable grenades.
  • Biochem – Craft your own consumbables.  Reusable consumables.

Companions and Legacy

Companions are a unique part of SWTOR.  They can also play a decisive role in world PvP.  Your companion allows you to use your Heroic Moment ability, which is an extra heal.  Your companion can also heal your, or help you attack.  You’ll want to gear your companion with as much of the Presence stat as you can.  This will make them more powerful.  They do not benefit from PvP bonuses at all.

When you use Heroic moment, you can use any class Legacy abilities you have unlocked!  They all have varying uses from damage to crowd control.  Make sure you put them all on your hotbar, and hotkey them if possible.

Where To Find World PvP

Daily hubs are the best places to find world PvP.  Luckily you can hit most of them using the quick travel terminals.  Yavin and Rishi are the two most popular right now, in that order.  The other PvP hubs also likely have some people still running around, but are likely less popular the lower level the hubs are.

Events like the Gree event on Ilum and the Rakghoul Plague are world PvP magnets on every server.

Tatooine is also a gathering place for world PvP.  Head to the planet and start watching chat.  If nothing happens, attack something.  You’ll get someone’s attention.

World PvP Tips And Tricks

  • Watch out for guards if you have them pushed to their base.  They can turn the tide against you in an instant, literally.  You can alternately use your guards the same way.
  • Know where any travel points are in your zone. Legacy Travel points, speeder travel points can bring reinforcements for your enemies.  Know where trouble could come from!
  • Don’t camp lowbies!  If they’re causing trouble for friends or guild mates, that’s another issue.  If you come across a lowbie, just kill them and move on.  Find worthy enemies to battle.

If you have anything to add, leave it in the comments.  We need to encourage as many people as we can to jump into world PvP!

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