Summer 2013 Game Roundup

My Favorite Games So Far

Back when I played World of Warcraft, I only played World of Warcraft.  The day I stopped playing, I started playing multiple games.  I have actually come to enjoy my online time more playing multiple games.  I feel like I get more out of the day.  Below I give my thoughts on the games I play today, and what they have going for them, and against them.

Guild Wars 2

This game is still going amazingly strong. has now committed, in writing, to updates every two weeks.  If you are a hardcore player though, you can’t beat this deal.  There is no subscription fee, it is buy and play.  I would put this game on equal footing with World of Warcraft as far as being full featured MMORPG.

I have really only been playing it sporadically.  The frequent update schedule is ironically part of the reason I don’t play as much.  I have so many other games I want to play that I have the time to ‘keep up’ with this game.  My circle of e-friends isn’t too keen on this game either, so that’s another reason I don’t play as much.  I log in just to see the new content, maybe some WvW or sPvP, and do the daily achievement.  I still recommend this game though.  You will not find a better game community anywhere.

Star Trek Online

Space combat and player created content, ’nuff said.  THE SPACE COMBAT IS AMAZING.  I really, really love the space combat in this game.  I’m still fine-tuning my keybinds, but it is about as close to perfect as it gets.  There is even space combat PvP.  The player created content comes in the form of quests, and this is fully supported by the game developers.  In fact, your daily quests come in the form of player created content that has been chosen by the devs.  I only play this game sporadically as well, but it is also free to play so there’s no penalty.  I can’t recommend the space combat enough though.  This game is really a diamond in the rough.

League of Legends

This is a game I have come back to.  It is completely free to play, and the cash shop focuses on cosmetic items so there are no money-balance issues.  They are always expanding their line of champions, which means they are always re-balancing.  The community is, overall, more toxic than most games.  It is a vast improvement over what it was before the Honor Initiative was started.  I think it will improve again once they expand on that initiative.  Playing this game with a friend over voice chat will help mitigate most of the trash talk.  The best part about this game are the champion skins.  Some are really amazing in an awe-inspiring kind of way, and some are downright hilarious.  Like my Christmas Tree Maokai skin.  LOVE IT.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

I love Star Wars, I love MMOs, and I love PvP.  This game has all three, and it’s free to play.  This game is still hot and cold for me.  Their development team is notorious, from day one, for misplaced priorities.  For example, there has been no PvP updates since December of last 2012.  That is my biggest complaint with this game.  The extra grind involved with a free account is not even a problem for me.  The lack of PvP content and balance is what makes it unbearable sometimes.  I’ve been staying away from endgame PvP, and focusing more on lowbie PvP when I do log on.  Their structured PvP is the best in any MMORPG I have played, and is most balanced in the 10-29 bracket.  There is a big PvP update scheduled for SWTOR in October, 2013.  If you’re looking to start a new game, i’d still recommend it.  The leveling experience is also unmatched by any other MMORPG.  Hopefully this PvP update will address a lot of the issues.  There’s even talk of space combat PvP…

World of Tanks

This is a great free to play game for the more strategic minded.  I’m up to tier 8 tanks, and my stats are slowly improving.  Overall, the balance is pretty good.  This is another game my circle of gaming friends aren’t really fond of, so I generally just log on to get my daily win on each tank before calling it a day.  The community is pretty good, it seems to be mostly mature gamers.  Not so twitch-based as other games, so that makes it accessible to a wider audience.  I do have a few gripes about this game, but nothing that would keep me from recommending it.  It has a HUGE learning curve, so don’t expect to go in and make waves day one.


I picked this game up for $13.59 during the Steam summer sale.  It went to $9.99 right after the sale.  I was a little annoyed, but it’s still worth the money.  It’s a third person shooter MMORPG, and has no subscription fee.  I’m not great with shooter games, and I find it a little hard to run solo.  Recently a friend picked it up and we’ve been breezing through the content like pros.  While the drastically low price makes you think the game isn’t doing well, I see TONS of people on the North American server any time I log in, day or night.  It is definitely worth the price though.  The game scales well so new players can play with veteran players, and the difficulty is the same.  The community also looks to be pretty good, but I haven’t really gotten to see a lot of the game yet.

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Lots Of Good Games

I’m enjoying having a lot of games to choose from.  When I get frustrated with one, I can move to another.  Not all my friends play the same games either, so I can swap games to play with a certain friend and still have fun.  I’m not looking to get caught up in a game like World of Warcraft again.  I think my days of grinding are over.  Unless World of Warcraft goes free to play soon…

P.S. WoW free to play within 9 months.  My prediction.  Too much drama with the cash shop.


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