What To Do At Level 70 In SWTOR

The End Is Where It Begins

Leveling up in SWTOR is an amazingly fun experience.  By far, it is the best leveling experience of any MMO I have played.  Still, leveling up is is like a tutorial for the endgame.  Once you reach max level in SWTOR, that’s when the game really begins.  Often people ask ‘What do I do at max level in SWTOR?’ once they hit that magic level 70.  There’s plenty to do, so let’s get on with it.

Structured Activities

These are activities directly supported by the game.  They are easy to pick up and do, and have lots of helping hands along the way.

Gearing Up

The very first thing people want to do at level 65 is gear up.  SWTOR makes it very easy to get a good set of starting gear right now. Using your comms is the first step.  Once you’ve used all your comms, you’re ready to start doing standard difficulty Flashpoints.  See more about Flashpoints below.

Daily Quests

One thing you should do every day when you are max level in SWTOR is your daily quests.  There are multiple daily quest hubs to choose from, but doing at least one per day will significantly impact your credits.  These hubs can take anywhere from 12-30 minutes on average.  Of course if you have a friend helping, the time will go by even faster.

Certain hubs offer optimal credits-per-minute.  You can check out my Guide to Daily Quest Hubs to learn which questing hubs you’ll want to visit.


Flashpoints are like dungeons, and are the main way to gear up in SWTOR.  You and three allies can tackle a Flashpoint.  If you don’t have three friends online, you can use the LFG tool in game to queue up for a flashpoint.  Flashpoints also have a daily quest, so make sure to pick that up. Standard Flashpoints will gear you up for Hard Mode Flashpoints.  Hard Mode Flashpoints will gear you up for Operations.


One of my favorite things to do in SWTOR at max level is PvP.  Warzones are where the ground PvP of SWTOR happens.  Warzones can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes on average.  If you are new to PvP, you can check out my Guide to Warzones and PvP for an explanation of how things work.  Warzones award PvP commendations that you use to gear up for PvP.

Regular Warzones

Regular Warzones have a Daily and Weekly quest you can do.  You can queue solo, or with up to 3 friends.  These are where you should start with PvP to build up your PvP gear set.  You don’t need a special set of gear to start thanks to the Bolster mechanic.  There are 8 vs 8 standard warzones, and 4 v 4 Arena warzones.  They are both in the same queue, so just queue up and start having fun.

Ranked Warzones

The most challenging PvP content at max level in SWTOR is Ranked Warzones.  These are just like regular warzone arenas, except they reward Ranked Warzone commendations as well as give you a rating.  The rating is based on your wins and losses, in comparison to the ratings of the players you are playing against.  You can queue solo, or with a full group of four.  These are different queues.  Solo queue players should not see team queue players.  Bioware also balances the solo queue to ensure each team is equal, meaning you shouldn’t see three healers on one team, and none on the other.  All ranked warzones are the 4 v 4 arenas.

Galactic Starfighter

Galactic Starfighter is a new form of PvP.  This is where the space battles of SWTOR take place!  Like warzones, they pit 2 teams of players against each other.  The teams are 8 v 8 or 12 v 12.  You have a choice of several fighters to fly (not your character ships though).  They can actually be done at level 1, but you can continue on even after you get level 65.  See my Galactic Starfighter overview for details.


Operations are the highest PvE content available to max level players in SWTOR.  It takes groups of 8-16 players to complete.  This content can be very challenging, and will require a certain level of gear from flashpoints.  There are also Weekly quests to do Operations that you can pick up on the fleet and on the Gav Daragon.

You can also queue up to do story mode Operations.  These are less challenging than normal mode Operations, but do not reward the same level of gear.

Special Events

Occasionally SWTOR hosts events.  The Bounty Contract Week happens once a month.  There are also events like the Rakghoul Plague that last for a few weeks and then disappear.  Events like these usually have achievements associated with them as well.  You can normally find out if they are happening on your fleet.  There should be a quest or NPC alerting you that an event is under way.

Occasionally players will also hold player events.  You can usually find out about these on your server forums.  You don’t need to be a subscriber to read the forums, so check it out.


Hopefully as you leveled up, you saved all the crafting resources you came across.  You can work on your crafting skills to max them out.  Why do crafting at max level in SWTOR?  Certain professions can be beneficial to you.  Biochem can create reusable stims which will save you credits, Cybertech can create reusable grenades, and so on.  There are also achievements for crafting.

Space Missions

You can take space missions from the bridge of your personal ship.  There are daily quests for these as well as achievements.  These missions are ‘on rails’ meaning it’s not free flight.  There are several different mission types (Escort the freighter, destroy certain ships, etc) and several different environments (Space stations, asteroid field, etc).

Unstructured Activities

These activities take a little initiative.  Sometimes there may be a little research involved outside the game.  These are usually the ‘off the beaten path’ activities.

World PvP

If you are on a PvP server, world PvP (wPvP) is another option for you.  This may take some initiative on your part, as none of the areas Bioware has designed for wPvP have been successful.  For those that don’t know, wPvP is essentially fighting in the open world.  There is no balancing like in warzones, it all comes down numbers, skill, and gear.  You do get Valor for killing players in wPvP.  The best place to find wPvP is any popular daily quest hub.  You can also pay attention to General chat on a planet and sometimes people will ask for help when they are being killed by enemy players.  You can find wPvP on a PvE server, but it is more difficult.

I don’t advocate going out of your way to hunt down and kill low level characters.  It takes no skill at all, and also gives no reward.  If they are killing a friend or ally on the other hand, it’s open season.

Achievement Completion

There are many, many achievements you can go after at max level in SWTOR.  Some will even be made easier just by being max level.  Some are as simple as buying a cheap item off of the GTN, and some are more complex and require weeks of effort to complete.  Check your Legacy tab in game for a list of all the achievements.  There are achievements for PvE, PvP, and just about every bit of game content.


There are Holocrons scattered across the galaxy on nearly every planet.  These datacrons will increase your character’s stats, making them more powerful.  You can look in your Legacy Achievements to see which ones you still need, and what planets to find them on.


If you are on a roleplay (RP) server, you may want to try roleplaying.  Essentially, RPing is creating a character personality, and acting it out.  Think of it as being a character in an ongoing TV series.  You interact with other RPers, and respond to them as your character would respond.  If you are interested in RPing, find the RPers on your server and ask them where RPers get together.  Usually RPers are willing to help new players get involved.

Galactic Strongholds

Decorating your strongholds gives you a boost to gaining Conquest points.  If you decorate all four Strongholds, you will get 100% extra (double) Conquest points!  You can get decorations from the Cartel Market, Flashpoints, Operations, or even the GTN.  They come from achievements too, and you can use Warzone commendations and Fleet commendations to buy from vendors on the fleet.  There are reputations on Oricon, CZ-198, and other places that allow you to purchase decorations as well.  There are a TON of ways to get decorations for your Strongholds.  Check out my Stronghold Starter Guide for help jumping into your Galactic Strongholds.

Endless Possibilities At Max Level

There are tons of things to do at max level in SWTOR.  You can have speeder races with your friends, have a dance party on the fleet, or a million other things.  Joining a guild also helps fill your time at max level in SWTOR, but isn’t necessary.  New types of content, like Galactic Starfighter, are being added all the time.  By the time you reach max level, there may be a million and one things to do!

If you have any tips for players at end game, leave them in the comments below.

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