How To Power Level In SWTOR

Fastest Way To Level In SWTOR

Leveling characters just isn’t for some people, myself included.  Star Wars: The Old Republic has a great leveling experience, and I didn’t mind it.  Still, I didn’t want to repeat it for every new character I wanted to level.  The ‘fastest way to level in SWTOR‘ is also a common question on the official forums.  In this post I am going to go over the fastest way I have found to level a character in SWTOR, whether you are a free account or a subscriber. Fair warning though, subscribers get more experience.  The fastest way to level is as a subscriber, but you can still level fast in SWTOR with a free account.

Daily Quests and Weekly Quests

Daily quests help you level fast in SWTOR.  By daily quests, I mean Space Missions, Flashpoints, and Warzones.  You can do a daily quest every day.  For flashpoints, you will get even more experience the first time you run one.  If you grab a daily quest, find a new flashpoint around your level that you haven’t done yet.  You’ll have the flashpoint quest and the daily quest to turn in, and credit towards your Weekly Quest.  Once you have completed your daily quest, move on to something else.  Always try to be doing two quests at once, a daily quest, and a regular quest.  This makes your leveling more efficient.


Major Experience BoostThe simplest way to level quickly is to use a boost.  These boosts can be bought off the Cartel Market, or the Galactic Trade Network (GTN).  You can buy Space Mission boosts to run your space missions, a flashpoint boost to complete your flashpoints, or a generic Major or Minor Experience boost for anything.  While Major and Minor Experience Boosts can be a little expensive, the other boosts are not.  You can find them very cheap on the GTN if you watch.  They are until the Cartel Market Item category, and the Consumables subsection.  Minor boosts last for an hour, and Major Boosts last for three hours.

You can only use one boost at a time, so choose wisely.  You may want to keep a Major or Minor experience on you while questing.  A flashpoint experience boost can also be helpful if you need a change of pace from questing.  You can use a minor boost to do a flashpoint or two, or a major boost if you need a longer break.  Boosts are purchased in the Cartel Market, or the GTN unter Cartel Market Items —> Consumables.

Tip For Free Boost On Every Character

You can buy datacrons off the GTN that will provide a free major experience boost for every character.  This is only usable once per character, but is very inexpensive and easy to get.

  1. Go to the GTN and look under Cartel Market —> Toys sections.
  2. Buy any of the Datacron items there.  Mine cost a little less than 40,000 credits.
  3. Use the Datacron, and it will give you a quest to go to Nar Shaddaa.  Don’t go to Nar Shaddaa yet.
  4. After using the Datacron, log on to another character.
  5. Open your Inventory on the new character, and go to Collections.
  6. Find your Datacron.  It may take some searching to find which pack your Datacron came out of.
  7. Once you find your Datacron, unlock it for all your characters.  This should cost 60 Cartel Coins.
  8. Now each character will be able to pull a Datacron for free and do the quest.  The quest is simply watching a short cutscene.  The end reward is a major experience boost.

The boost is bound to your character, so it cannot be traded.  Any and every character you make can get this free major experience boost.  This is perfect for the altaholic.

Daily Quest Hubs

Starting at level 50, you can run daily quest hubs.  While you can do several hubs at 50, I recommend you stick specifically to the following:

  • Ilum
  • Corellia Black Hole
  • Section X  (Free accounts require an unlock.)
  • CZ-198  (You will need to quest with a level 55+ friend, and must be at least level 50 yourself.)

These should take about 15 -20 minutes each,  maybe 30 if you’re questing solo.  You can also make a good amount of credits on these.  See my Daily Quest Hub Guide for details.  As an example, the main 5 Black Hole dailies (All except the Heroic) will give you about 14% of your level as an F2P player at level 50.  That’s about 17% as a subscriber.  That’s over 1% of your level per minute.

Character Legacy Unlocks

Character Experience UnlocksInside your Character Legacy are character experience unlocks for increased experience.  These experience unlocks are character based, meaning you have to unlock them for each individual character.  There are experience unlocks for several different options, but I would recommend prioritizing them in this order:

  1. Exploration
  2. Class Story
  3. Flashpoints
  4. Warzones
  5. Space Missions
  6. Galactic Starfighter

You can prioritize flashpoints, warzones, and space missions depending on which ones you like the most.

The class story does not continue past 50, and all indications from Bioware are that it will not continue at all.  Makeb and Oricon content are not considered class story content, so the boosts and unlocks do not work past level 50. All Legacy unlocks stack with experience boosts.

Guild Membership Bonus Experience

Joining a guild can boost your experience up to 10%.  The guild gets +1% experience for each active member, up to a maximum of 5%.  Then a bonus 1% experience and reputation bonus for every 5 recruit members.  A guild can have up to 10% bonus experience with enough members.  This bonus stacks with the bonus experience from boosts.

Free And Preferred Accounts

If you want to level as fast as possible in SWTOR, consider subscribing for a month.  You will have no XP reductions as a subscriber, as well as all the other benefits of subscribing.  All the warzones, flashpoints, and space missions you want.  All your travel abilities will have lower cooldowns as well.  If you can’t afford to subscribe, F2P accounts can get a free 7 days of standard XP.  You can use a referral link every 90 days for a free 7 days of subscriber access.  You must not have been subscribed in that 90 day period to be eligible for this.  Check my guide on how to get free stuff in SWTOR for details.

Other Strategies For Fast Leveling In SWTOR

Doing all the planetary quests is going to be your best bet to level quickly.  When you go to a quest hub, pick up all the quests.  Empty your bags and make room so that you do not have to come back to the quest hub until you have completed all of the quests.  This will ensure there is no wasted time between quests.  SWTOR was designed so that all the quests from one quest hub are in one area, very similar to daily quest hubs.  Completing a planetary arc for your class quest will reward an XP boost also.  If you need to break up the questing monotony, dungeon (flashpoint) running is your next fastest bet.  Also, group up!  Grouping provides bonus XP based on how many players are in the group.  If you are a subscriber, make sure to log out in a cantina or other rest area.  This will build up your rested XP, which provides extra experience when you kill mobs.  It works similar to a generic XP boost.

There are many ways to level fast in SWTOR.  This little guide will help you reach that final level faster.  Even if you reach max level early, you will still get Legacy experience and credits for completing quests.  Now that you’re level 60, check out my guide on What to do at 60!

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  1. I can usually manage to have a boost active at most times while leveling, without actually buying any. Many of the planetary bonus series give 3-hour boosts and take less than 3 hours to complete (so, win/win).

    Also, rest xp. I tend to get excited about a new toon and just want to play that toon all the time, but I force myself to park her in a cantina for about a week after an initial push past the very early levels. Rest XP is consumed very fast at the lower levels, but with any luck, I can stay on rest xp from level 20 on.

    1. I can’t believe I didn’t remember that rested XP bonus. I also recently learned about that xp boost per planet, leveling up my little Trooper and now Operative. Updated the guide with both, thanks a bunch.

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