Wandering Warrior

I enjoy building builds.  I also hate having the same flavor of the month build as everyone else.  The sPvP in Guild Wars 2 is probably the most balanced instanced PvP available today.  For these reasons and more, I have started this ‘Wandering Warrior’ sPvP warrior build series.  I plan to try out new builds in each episode.  I will show you the builds, gear, some gameplay, and some relevant stats.  These stats will include win percentage, average points per game, and so on.  I’ll also put a recommendation of my own as to whether I thought it was fun or worthwhile.  So if you’ve got a warrior, or like to swap around your warrior builds a lot like me, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Please leave your own thoughts and/or questions in the video comments, or here on the website page.  Suggestions are welcome too.

  1. Episode I – Rifle/Sword+Shield Build (Burst & Buff)
  2. Episode II – Rifle/Sword+Warhorn Build (Big Hits, Big Crits)
  3. Episode III – Sword+Shield/Rifle Build (Squad Commander)
  4. Episode IV – Sword+Shield/Rifle Build (Squad Commander with Banners)

Have questions about warriors and sPvP?  Head over to my Twitch.tv stream to check it out.  I’ll answer whatever questions I can.