I love coming up with new builds.  I don’t know if I get bored easily, or if I just like to theorycraft.  With the advent of sPvP dailies offering laurels, I have taken to sPvP a lot more lately.  In fact it takes up the majority of my time in Guild Wars 2 right now.  To take advantage of my lack of dedication to one build, or just not finding the right one yet, I have decided to keep a record of my build-hopping.

Wandering Warrior is the name because I sort of wander from build to build.  In this series, I will be playing (at least) 10 games with each build.  There will be a new build in each video, as well as the win percentage with that build at the end.  There will also be some footage from one of the best matches with that build, along with my personal commentary.  I’ll talk about the weak points and strong points of the build, and whatever else comes to mind.

Wandering Warrior Episode I – Burst and Buff

I named this episode ‘Burst and Buff’ because I try to keep a respectable amount of BURST damage, while staying BUFF as far as Toughness and Vitality.  Does it work out?  You’ll just have to watch.

The Burst and Buff Build Link

The next episode is almost done.  Make sure to subscribe the channel for new episodes.  I release videos on the channel before I announce them on the website.  Check out the Wandering Warrior video page for all the episodes.

Any suggestions for future builds?

2 thoughts on “Wandering Warrior – The Search for the Best Warrior sPvP Builds for Guild Wars 2”
  1. Tried this one out just now to see if i liked it. ill say that i thought i wouldn’t be as squishy with 29k life lol. damn. thief. agreed very hard to solo. i only played 2 games because i was tired of losing at least the 2nd game i ot used to how to play that build and it was the closest game i’ve ever played. 494-500 we lost. Tranquility like a boss. Good things about the build? if u need to escape swapping to sword and shield and charging away. being able to pull off steady dps with melee and range, but i was lacking burst. my Frenzy and Volley burst wasn’t really a burst in my opinion, if you have figured out how to improve this exact version that would be nice. without Frenzy it did like 500, 1k, 1.5k 2k, 3k. With it the damage was increased by 300-400ish per hit so the difference is 1200-1600. which isn’t much when u are trying to burst someone before their team gets there. Also hitting them with each of the 5 shots wasn’t always possible. Cure conditions on the other hand saved me so many times. had 8 stacks of bleed, burn, poisons was taking about 1.5k a sec from all of that and i used it and wow much better. But it is too squishy in my opinion for the low damage output it does. Also That turtle trait is gone so i use a trait that gives me regen when i’m slowed or any effect for CCing. and 33% less time with them up too. Which almost never helped. I only did really well and started mass murdering people when it was 470-450 we were winning and each time i went down about every 5-10 sec i was instantly back up from my team and killing the enemies. So yeah not as approving as my last comment i made a few hours back. to #3, would be great if you could see if u could improve this.

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