Welcome back to Wandering Warrior, where I try out different warrior builds.  If you missed the first episode, you can check it out the Wandering Warrior Page.  I had finished this episode, but then had to redo because of the April 30, 2013 warrior changes.  I felt like the changes were significant enough to need a do-over.  In this build I also bumped up the matches played to 20 because 10 felt like too few.

I’ve also decided to add an additional statistic: average points.  If there are any other statistics you’d like, let me know.  If I can easily track it, i’ll gladly consider it.

Wandering Warrior Episode II – Big Hits, Big Crits!

I named this episode ‘Big Crits, Big Hits!’ because I try to maintain a high crit rating, while also having a high crit damage rating.  I go with the Rampager Amulet for Power, Precision, and Vitality. I still think Toughness is more valuable than Vitality, but i’m trying something different.

The Big Hits, Big Crits Build Link

Pre-April 30th update, I was doing great.  Afterwords when I started over, personal performance really spiraled downwards.  Overall, the win rate was decent.  Stats below the video.

Rifle + Sword/Warhorn Build Analysis

Win %: 65
Average Points: 127
Average Win Points: 155
Average Loss Points: 76

I consider anything above 50% worthwhile as far as wins go.  I personally didn’t use Blast often enough to make this build worthwhile.  That’s because I got torn apart like a wet paper bag.  That’s probably because I lacked toughness.  The PvP Ravager’s Amulet might be a better choice if you want to give this build a go.

Make sure to subscribe the channel for new episodes. I release videos on the channel before I announce them on the website.  Any suggestions for future builds?

One thought on “Wandering Warrior – Episode 2”
  1. Well, i havent tried it yet, so ill get back to you but also to be a bit more bursty use that shot that gives the target more vulnerability , so on my mark that shot, then frenzy and volley. damage there is amazing. now thats a burst. and because i crits so much, i normally kill one of the test dummies and they got around 20-25 stacks of vulnerability. And against the bots. well its a pretty close fight. if i’m fighting a melee class it’s easier to use throw bolas. so they can’t reach you anyways. seems the melee bots do more than the ranged ones anyways. And for more burst. Signet or Rage, on my mark, brutal shot, frenzy volley. almost finishes the bots with jsut that.

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