Welcome back to Wandering Warrior, where I try out different warrior builds.  If you want to see other episodes, you can check it out the Wandering Warrior Page.  As always if there are other statistics you’d like to see tracked, let me know.  I’ll see what I can do.

Wandering Warrior Episode III – The Squad Commander Build!

If you’ve visited my website before for Guild Wars 2 warrior builds, chances are you’ve seen my Squad Commander build for WvW.  It’s a really fun build, so I decided to see how it translates in sPvP.  Simply put, it’s just as fun and amazing as the WvW build.  I’ve never had such survivability in my warrior.  It’s a great tank PvP build.

The Squad Commander sPvP Build Link

Let me know if you like the GW2skills build calculator in the comments.  It’s very extensive, and includes everything I need to show the build.

Sword/Shield + Rifle Build Analysis

Win %: 67
Average Points: 135
Average Win Points: 167
Average Loss Points: 89

The win rate is fantastic.  I won slightly over 2/3 of the matches!  Not to mention the losses were very, very close games.  I died about once per match.  That should tell you just how survivable this build really is.  The average points were better than the last build.  Time will tell if they were better than the next build.  I also didn’t spend as much time supporting my teammates as I should have.  If you’ve got a partner to stick with, you could really show off this build.

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2 thoughts on “Wandering Warrior – Episode 3”
  1. WOW! At first i was iffy to try this because prefer glass cannon builds for all my characters. But i tried this build and even on the 1v1 basis its strong because no one can burst you fast enough down before i start using heals and boons. Damage is alright so i can kill people pretty easily. Played this build so far for 30 games, lost 1 of them and we lost by 15 points. 485-500. Normally i don’t give feedback on builds but i was looking to try out a different one to see if i could use a different rifle build and i noticed you had no feedback on this build. One of the best things to do was troll people by going to a base by myself against 203 people and not dieing and then i would get reinforcements. Thieves weren’t too hard to fight. The support aspect of this build was not amazing, but it was good. could be better but the build in my opinion really good. Me and my best friend who plays the game, he is a guardian with what he calls a glass healer. He can just sit there and massively heal but he takes massive amounts of damage and has low life, like 12k. We would go to bases the bases where the enemy team was zerging and we would last minutes until we had to retreat or we got reinforcements and we beat down their zerg. By far the best warrior build i have tried out since they nerfed the 100 swords build i was using where i use use a bunch of powers and charge in and kill someone within a few seconds.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. This is my favorite build so far too. I haven’t tried it since the June 25 rebalance, but good to know it still works. I’d also love to try it with a healer. I bet it really surprised people to see a warrior take that much punishment!

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