Galactic Starfighter Guide to the Warcarrier!

Warcarrier Bomber Build Theme

The Warcarrier is a Republic Bomber class ship.  It’s counterparts are the Republic G-X1 Firehauler, and the Sith B-4D Legion and G-X1 Onslaught.  The Warcarrier excels at defending an objective.  You drop your drones and mines around the area, then fly around blasting with your Heavy Laser cannon and shields to max.  You can take a lot of punishment while you wait for help to arrive.

Warcarrier Setup

This setup is what I am currently using, and it is working out really well.  I have it set up to defend satellites in Domination maps, or as part of the Blob-Cluster Strategy for Team Death Match games.

Warcarrier Components

The first three will be your in-game weapons, the last two will be your in-game abilities.

  • Primary Weapons : Heavy Laser Cannon really packs a punch.
  • Secondary Weapons : Seeker Mines – Deter enemies from following too close.
  • Systems : Missile Sentry Drone – Encourages enemies to use their missile locks early and often.  Railgun Sentry Drone is also viable.
  • Shields : Repair Drone – Repairs all nearby friendly ships.
  • Engines : Shield Power converter – Absorbs heavy damage for a short time.

These are purely passive stats:

  • Armor : Reinforced Armor – Increased health.  Already decent armor on board.
  • Magazine : Power Pool Extender – Heavy Laser Cannon draws considerable power.
  • Reactor: Large Reactor – Increases punishment your shields can take.
  • Sensors : Range Sensors – Increases all sensor ranges.

Warcarrier Cosmetics

Not important.  Here’s hoping for Cartel Market purchasable drone visual customizations.

Warcarrier Crew

The companions have various passive skills across different classes.  Look for the companions with the listed skills.

  • Co-Pilot – Hydro Spanner (B-3G9 Republic)  This will keep you up when your drone is down.


  • Offensive – Rapid Reload and Improved Kill Zone/Pinpointing – Faster drone/mine launching, and wider blaster arc or more accuracy . (Corso Riggs/B-3G9 Republic)
  • Defensive – Power To Shields and Quick Recharge – Increases Shield Pool, and faster shield energy recharge. (Doc Republic)
  • Tactical – Peripheral Vision and Silent Running – Increasing sensor range, and decreasing detection range. (Treek or Elara Dorne Republic)
  • Engineering – Power to Engines and Power to Blasters – Longer engine burn, and sustained blaster fire. (Risha or Tharan Cedrax Republic)

Strategy For Warcarrier Pilots

Learning where to place your mines and drones is very important.  Other than that, guarding specific objectives on Domination maps where there is little room for maneuvering is where you can excel.  Objective B in Kuat Mesa, and Objective C in the Lost Shipyards.  You will generally want to place your mines and drones below and behind the objectives.  This will keep Gunships from easily picking them off at range.  While waiting for reinforcements at an objective, you can fly around underneath, releasing your seeker mines behind you for any hapless souls trying to follow you.  Bombers were made for area denial.

In Team Deathmatch games, try and find a gunship to protect.  Peel off anyone trying to harass them, and you will help your team in a big way.  Placing drones and mines is harder, usually behind a wall is best.

The Dronelayer

You should realize you are in a support role.  You will get some kills with your seeker mines and drone, but overall you are meant to hold an objective and let your friends finish off what’s left.  Your Heavy Laser hits like a truck, so don’t be afraid to engage in a little dogfighting now and then.  Practice with mine and drone placements on each map.  Currently I try to deploy things evenly.  A mine here, a drone there.  That way my Missile drone doesn’t waste a cooldown when my Seeker Mine takes off as well.  Careful placement of your Repair Drone is very important to ensure that allies can actually make use of it.  Watch your buffs to know when it’s time to redeploy your drones again.  They can all be shot down pretty easily.

I’ll be updating the build as time, experience, and patches dictate.  If you have any questions, or feedback, fire away in the comments below.

Other Bomber Builds

12 Responses

  1. I started using B-3G9 as a result of your recommendation. …he is a hoot! Love flying with the guy….thanks!

  2. I am embarrassed to say, I never could figure out how deploy the spawning beacon…maybe I had not progressed enough with my upgrades…..I will check out your video on the Rampart too…

  3. Yes, that makes it easy since that will be the side where I first arrive at the satellite. …..I usually like to play the top, but I think I am getting killed less playing on the underside…


    • Traitine says:

      I definitely do better off underneath. I do swoop out over the top if someone is chasing me, breaking LoS on missile locks. Staying still is hard when you’re under attack, and there’s more to block you below than above, namely the little satellite wings. Circling the bottom is a great defensive strategy.

      • All good suggestions. ..thanks!

        I think one of the reasons I like the warcarrier is that I don’t have the knack or moxy to target with sighted missiles/ locks…..the auto function of the warcarrier weapons once they are layed/discharged helps a guy like me to be more competitive in a game where many players have far more innate skill than me….


      • Traitine says:

        Bombers are incredibly easy to play. Very simplistic and intuitive. I wish bombers were a starter ship. I started with the Warcarrier when bombers cane out, but migrated to the Rampart. You really can’t beat a Rampart at satellite defense/offense. The Warcarrier does offer more team support, which can be a greater help in solo queue games. I still play one Sith side, and keep it on my bar Republic side.

        If you ever feel like trying out the Rampart, I’d love to hear what you think. I’ve got written and video builds for it too if you need one.

  4. I think I am getting more assists with the missile sentry drone than the rail gun drone….because the missile sentry drone fires continuously. ….


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