Battleground Strategy Guide To Eye Of The Storm

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How To Win Eye Of The Storm

The key to EotS is the towers.  Controlling the towers gets points for your team.  Capturing the flag also gets points for your team.  The more towers you control, the more points a flag capture is worth.  Easy right?  Here are a few abbreviations you will need to know for this guide:

  • MT – Mage Tower
  • DR – Draenei Ruins
  • FR – Fel Reaver
  • BT – Blood Elf Tower

Starting Strategies

Alliance and Horde have the same strategies.  The map is identical on both sides, only the layout of the towers is different.  Three bases should always be your goal.  Three bases is always better than 2 plus the flag.  That said, holding two bases and running the flag is plan B.  With this in mind, you need to constantly reevaluate your own role during the battleground.  Ask yourself, “How can I help make a 3 cap happen?”  Even one person can make a difference, so be prepared to drop what you are doing and move to where you are needed.  Now remember not everyone has read this guide.  They should though, so send them here!

Opening Moves For Alliance

One player stays to capture and defend MT.  Another player captures and defend DR.  You then have two options.  You can split up into two offensive teams, and go after two objectives.  FR, BT, or the flag are your choices.  Pick two and go to it.  An alternative strategy is to send one huge force to BT or FR and take the third tower.

Opening Moves For Horde

One player stays to capture and defend BT.  Another player captures and defend FR.  You then have two options.  You can split up into two offensive teams, and go after two objectives.  DR, MT, or the flag are your objectives.  Pick two and go to it.  An alternative strategy is to send one huge force to MT or DR and take the third tower.


It should go without saying, but call your incoming.  “2 inc be” or “4 inc mt” are good enough.  Don’t try to get detailed, just get the message across.  When you are defending, it’s more important for you to stay alive than it is for you to get a kill.  Just stay alive so that help can get to you.  Ideal defenders are prot classes and stealth classes.  Any class can defend, but some classes are better put to use on the battlefield.

Defending Your 3 Cap

So you have a 3 cap, good!  Ignore the flag completely now.  Don’t waste anyone on the flag whatsoever.  Now, this 3 cap of yours is going to be an L shape.  Keep 2 defenders on the outer towers of your L.  Keep 1 defender at the middle tower, because this is the furthest point from your enemy graveyard.  Everyone else should pile onto whichever tower is currently under heavy attack.  Your enemy will be trying hard to take a second tower.  The tower under attack can change at any time, but you should still maintain 2 defenders on outer towers, and 1 defender on the inner tower.

eotsmapLFlag Capping

Just because you have the flag, doesn’t mean you have to cap it.  Capping the flag is quite often not a good idea.  Look at mid, and see if your team has control.  If not, don’t cap that flag!  Hang onto it until it’s clear, or you’re about to die.  Holding the flag can also help your team score a 3 cap.  It allows your team to get out of mid, and push a tower.  Once your team takes a third tower, you cap the flag with a nice 3 tower bonus, and then help your team defend that three tower point income.  It’s the perfect storm!

If you’re in mid, do not help someone cap the flag in mid!  You should run past them to block the enemy.  Alternately, if someone is trying to sneak-cap the flag during a battle, use your CC to help them.  Be mindful of others CC as well.  DPS isn’t the only way to stop enemies!

Ideal flag runners are anyone with a sprint (Worgen racial) or movement ability (heroic leap for warriors), and of course prot classes.  That’s pretty much every class, but remember to actually use your movement boosts.  Let someone else run the flag if yours are all on cooldown.

Every Battleground Match Is Different

While this is not the only battleground strategy for Eye of the Storm, I can’t ever remember a time it failed me.  People will yell, scream, and argue until they’re blue in the face.  Ultimately it comes down to team cohesion.  Sometimes your team will make a 3 cap look easy, and sometimes you’ll struggle just to hold two towers.  Remember to always offer some kind of positive message in chat, and never add to the toxic chat.  Just ignore chat if you have to.  You’ll do better, and your team will thank you for it.  Feel free to add your own tips and tricks for EotS in the comments.  I’ll keep this guide updated with your suggestions and improvements!

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