Ship Roles Guide For World of Warships

what each ship does in world of warships

What Each Ship Class Does In World of Warships

Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, and Aircraft Carriers each have a different role to play.  Much like tank, healer, and DPS in an MMORPG, each ship has its own tasks to complete in a battle.  It was a little frustrating going into World of Warships at first, not knowing what to do in each ship beyond vague instructions like ‘cruisers kill destroyers’.  This guide is meant to remove that frustration for you.  I tried watching videos, reading forums, and whatever I could find.  I condensed it all into one, quick and easy read.  Cause that’s what I do.

Destroyers Lead The Charge

Your job is to scout for your team.  When you find enemies, you’ll want to pop smokescreen to hide your own team approaching, then bug out and cover yourself with torpedo volleys.  Once you’ve scouted the enemy front line, hang back and wait for targets of opportunity.  You are the definitive close range hit-and-run ship, and the fastest ship overall.  Your main weapons will be torpedoes, with guns to follow up while your torpedoes reload.  US and Japanese destroyers have different torpedo ranges, look them up so you know in advance.  And watch out for friendly ships before launching torpedoes!

Cruisers Cover Everyone

You are a multirole ship, and the front line of your fleet.  Your primary role is to protect battleships.  Keep yourself between battleships and the enemy at approximately whatever your secondary gun range is.  You’ll want your AA shooting down planes going after your Battleships and Carriers.  You’ll also want to go after Destroyers and other Cruisers.  Cruisers have medium-long range, with artillery guns as their main weapons.

Battleships Blow Stuff Up

You are the team captain.  As the centerpiece of your fleet, it is your primary job to kill other battleships.  You are also the slowest in your fleet.  To compensate, Battleships have incredibly long range, the longest of any ship.  Your guns are also the hardest hitting, but slow to reload.  Aim carefully!

Aircraft Carriers Soften Up The Enemy

Harass enemy battleships with your bombers.  Use your fighters to cover for friendly battleships.  Seek out targets of opportunity with your bombers across the map, all the while scouting for your team.  Lone wolf enemy ships make good targets, keep your eye on the minimap.  You’ll want to hang back, but not at a lone edge of the map.  Stay somewhat close to allies so they can protect you from sneaky enemy destroyers.

Know Your Role in World of Warships

This isn’t an exhaustive description of each ship’s job on the battlefield.  It’s meant to be just enough to get you pointed in the right direction.  Now that you know what each ship is supposed to do, you can better decide what looks interesting to you.  What is your favorite ship type in World of Warships?

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  1. Good source of information! But just one thing,
    Cruisers are commonly placed in the second line of battle, being protected by battleships. But your description is what I do, so that works.

  2. Found this bit, not a bad summary, but I though I would comment about the very upcoming carrier rework. Carrier drivers will only be able to control one squadron of attack planes at any given time. Fighters will now be a consumable and only patrol a given sector autonomously. This will limit the carrier’s ability to scout significantly. Also, the old alpha strike capability that would allow carriers to “one shot” enemy ships will be significantly hampered on bigger ships and enemy carriers.

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