Checklist Guide for World of Tanks Tips

This is a quick guide to World of Tanks you can reference while playing.  It is meant to help you with tips for playing World of Tanks.  I made several mistakes leveling up, so I created this checklist guide with tips for playing World of Tanks so you don’t make the same ones.  A few key words here are important.  Optional means something is not necessary at all.  Useful means it won’t affect gameplay much.  Recommended means I think you need it.

Three lowbie tanks.

Tier I – III

  1. Premium not needed.
  2. Consumables not needed.
  3. Equipment not needed.
  4. Pick 3 tank lines to start.
  5. Exit each battle when you die and move to next.
  6. Save Special XP.
  7. Be careful not to bump other tanks, making them miss a carefully aimed shot.

Tier IV – VI

  1. Premium Time or Premium Tank optional.
  2. Consumables optional.
  3. Equipment optional.
  4. Save Special XP.
  5. Decide what line to try before you buy. These tanks are more expensive and take a considerable amount of XP.
  6. Scouts and Artillery get into higher tier matches.
  7. Ammo and repairs cost money. Don’t kamikaze or shoot wildly.
  8. Shot placement matters.
  9. Sales happen all the time. Plan your purchases on tanks, consumables, etc, around these Events to save credits.
  10. Protect your artillery.  Make sure there are no gaps in your line for scouts to get to them.
  11. Know your tanks role (scout, sniper, etc)
  12. Move crew from T5 to T6. Can move for cheap to same tank type upgrade.
  13. Do not convert gold to credits.
  14. See T6/T7 notes below.

Tank Destroyer Equipment

Tier VI – VII

  1. Occasional Premium time or Premium Tank useful.
  2. Equipment recommended.
  3. Consumables useful at T6+. [Small repair kit, fire extinguisher, and first aid kit]
  4. Use Special XP to finish off a tank when the next one is on sale.
  5. Save a T6 to use with friends or in medium tank company
  6. Crew skill choice is important. Choose wisely.

Standard Consumable Loadout

Tier VII

  1. Occasional Premium time or Premium Tank recommended.
  2. Consumables recommended.
  3. Equipment Modules recommended.
  4. Buy Premium rounds during sales (3-5 per tank).

Tier IX – X

I don’t have Tier IX or X tanks yet, so I won’t offer any advice.  I am sure most of the above applies, but I want to make sure I am giving advice from experience.  Feel free to bookmark this page and check back later.  In the meantime, feel free to leave your tips for World of Tanks in the comments.  I’ll make sure to add them to the tips above.

Feel like adding something?

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