We rode in as Wintergrasp was going on and downed Lor’themar Theron.  Had a handful of Horde helping him, but we only lost one person to a dismount on the way in.  We then took a vote, and the majority wanted to stay and wreak some havoc.  Slowly we made our way to the bank and arrived about the time Wintergrasp ended.

Seventeen (17) of us held the bank for 15 or 20 minutes.  Our healers did a great job of keeping people up, and then rezzing those that died.  It was pretty fun too, I’ve never really done anything like it before.  Once we all dropped we had a Mage portal us out via an instance queue.  I was the last to go, rezzed, planted the Stormwind banner and yelled before disappearing myself!

I think this was the first time I’ve done a raid like this as a guild.  Normally it would be another person or guild leading, and i’d just hear about it in LocalDefense.  So it was my first time leading it as well.  Everyone did a really good job, and everyone seemed to be having fun.  I’d love to do this to Orgrimmar, but we’d need a lot more people.

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