So I log on to find some guild mates being camped in Honor Hold.  They’re putting the number out as 12 Horde versus 6 of them, so I start to rally the troops.  There were 20 level 80s in Hellfire.  We move out and wait just outside of Honor Hold at the broken down tower.  No guards, just us versus them.  Not long after, Wusah pops up on my KoS mod.  Not long after that, there are only 9 Horde 80s left in zone, only one or two from the original group.  Draw your own conclusions!

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  1. That might be an option if I had something Alliance-side, however it seems Blizzard does not agree with me that 10 characters per realm is not enough… Depending on how things go I might end up giving the druid a race switch. Once I’m done leveling it that is. Doing the same quests for the 10th time is boring as hell, but a lot faster than learning the new ones…

    I was actually thinking of trying to set up some closed/semi-closed PvP events, mainly to practice guild teamwork and response. But that probably won’t happen before Cata. And 85, obviously.

  2. I suppose that explains why the Thrallmar alarm kept ringing all night, but all I saw there were a druid and a rogue who kept fleeing every time I switched to hunt them 🙁
    I never catch you guys! /sadface

  3. I need to make a profile again so you know its me.

    In the meantime anyone and everyone is always welcome to check out our com-center and post in our public comlink. We have started to update our battle report system.

    -Lord Wusah Hunter

  4. Yeah I don’t see anyone camping Wusah with 4 people. Being camped means you’re trying to leave. Sticking around and waiting for help isn’t being camped.

    And I saw, myself, 20 Horde in zone. How many were with you? Who knows. My guild mates said 12. You (anonymously) say there were only 9 of you, but i’ll take your word for it. Estimating 3 more than your actual number still doesn’t make them a liar in my book. Bad at counting, maybe…

    So yeah, i’d like to know the names of the 4 people camping Wusah so I can add that to the beginning of this post. If you will provide that to me, I will gladly amend this post – no problem. Feel free to stay anonymous, I will whisper the 4 myself to verify.

  5. Since Anonymous is so full of facts, I’ll fill you in on what happened. Wusah was not being camped, in fact in order to be camped you have to die, and he never died. Probably because he spent most of his time camping my 59 mage. Killed him 4-5 times.

    And when my guild shows up to help me there are 10 horde versus 4 of them, and eventually ended with 12 horde vs 6 Ally. So unless you were there the full time, you may want to get your facts straight.

    And to Wusah, congrats on the 5 kills on my lowbie. You never disappoint and are clearly an honorable PvPer.

  6. actually there were never more than 9 horde the whole time. Wusah was being camped 4 v 1 so he called some to even it up..tey called more so that’s when it became 9 horde. If you want to draw a conclusion it’s that your guild is full of liars and your blog is a haven for altered facts and exageration.

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