So a guild mate was out questing in Sholazar Basin.  Rusah decided to kill them…for whatever reason.  With Sloat and Chyngon as backup I guess in case a level 76 was too tough?  I was on my Rogue there snooping around with Talia anyway, and we opened up on them like there was no tomorrow!  Dead!  Dead!  Dead!  So that’s Hunter, Rogue, and Death Knight versus Rogue and Feral Druid.  NEITHER OF US DIED – WOO!  I guess you could call how I play it a Rogue, anyway.  There are entirely too many combo points still wasted.  I just keep backstabbing away with a full 5.  I should really Eviscerate more or heal.  Either way, I muddled along and it worked out!

0 thoughts on “Clean up on isle 3!”
  1. Nono, I was not calling him an ass. “We beat that @$$.” means “We beat that tail!” not “We beat that Rusah.” To use in another sentence, “Sloat and Xusah beat that @$$ in Wintergrasp Keep when the fail rogue attacked.” Does this clear things up?

  2. I think poor Wusah is feeling that you CALLED him an ass when you said “We beat that _ _ _. :)” rather than it being a generic “We kicked ass!” So I speculate he saw it as insult on top of injury.

  3. Me saying we kicked @$$ offended you? We 2 v 3 you guys, and you expect me to remain emotionless? We weren’t on Vent, and I’ve never grouped with Talia before. I was just trying to reinforce the positive. Yeah, I got excited. Guilty. I used a bad word. Also guilty. I guess i’m sorry for not saying butt? It just didn’t feel right at the time.

  4. One more thing. I would be pretty careful of what comments you say to your party when you take screen shots. Food for thought.


  5. No we were out looking for my new pet. She just happened to be there. Nothing special there bud. I was typing coords to my party to have them fan out and look for it and when i got hit instead of hitting keys they were typing out in partt chat. Too funny. That is what I get for doing such things on the ground.


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