So we hit all four Horde capitals, but only nailed 3 out of the 4.  The hardest part was trying to keep Iriandrial (Iri) and Eirie (Erie) seperate on Vent.  They were well prepared for us with a full raid in defense at Thrall.  They tried camping us, but started filtering out after the 5 minute mark.  We rezzed and ran out, tried messing with the front gates of Orgrimmar and ran into some who escorted us out.  Silvermoon, Undercity, and Thunder Bluff were all a blast though!

Alliance: Goochacabra, Kerelious, Darvaria, Amarula/Dagmar, Cruseth, Wyrmwell, Xelai, Exa, Eohnavi, Eirie, Iriandrial, Ragvalod, Aynyk, Phrozen, Vusah, Xiva, Vanarius

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  1. Grats on that! You may have noticed, people generally don’t care about Horde leaders other than Thrall. When someone tries him, people usually get pumped up and try to start a For The Horde after. Be you prepared? Sylvanas sometimes get a bit of defense, but obviously did not this time.

    Was leveling my druid last night and got in Undercity as you were leaving. Figured I’d switch to something else in case anybody stuck around, and saw my priest was in UC already. His gear is crap, but it should do, there are a bunch of other 80s around, I thought. Foolish of me, relying on the Horde for numbers. Wonder why I still do that, really. They were around alright. The first I see comes to me, safe in all his unflagness, and tells me “RUN”. All the others I’ve seen were not better, unflagged as well, jumping and running around in circles on their mount as I was the only one trying to get the few leftovers to stick a bit longer. /sadface

  2. You know, for just starting out to go cause trouble, 3 of 4 capital boss’ wasn’t bad. We had at most 17 people? Yeah, not bad at all. Also, since I don’t see it anywhere: nice job in WG. Kudos for Darv for throwing together a game plan in 10 minutes and kudos to the Alliance for pullin off the win with less than a minute to go!

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