Kerelious is technically my oldest character.  I brought him over at the end of Burning Crusade when they opened up RP server transfers to PvP servers.  I made this character when my friend Kypros started playing.  He is also the character I have played the most at over 201 days, 23 hours, 25 minutes, and some change.  I spent MONTHS it seems grinding out my Commander title in battlegrounds, which probably explains why I have the most time spent on him.  If new titles are going to be anything like old titles, people are going to have to work for it.  Warriors were fun in Classic, awesome in Burning Crusade, but have been terrible since 3.0 in my opinion.  If I hadn’t put so much work into him already i’d drop him in a heartbeat.  That’s not to say warriors aren’t fun, but I like the self-sustaining abilities of hybrids.

PvP: I’ve always been arms for PvP.  If I have all my cooldowns, I can put up a decent fight.  If i’m missing my trinket ability and/or my heal though, it’s an uphill battle.  I know people are saying Warrior healing should be nerfed, but i’m barely winning duels as it is.

RP: This character has always been fun to play.  Grouchy is a good description, and angry.  He hates the Horde and will follow the king’s (or Kypros’) orders to his death.  He hates Night Elves, Dwarves, Paladins, Priests, Mages, Warlocks…you get the picture.  Lowbies and all die when i’m on this character.  I have essentially no rules for this guy.

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  1. Within prot you can also spec to allow Victory Rush to be used when an enemy reaches 20% but it heals for less.

    I wondered if there wasn’t something like that. As it stands right now at 26, it is only kind of useful.

  2. Within prot you can also spec to allow Victory Rush to be used when an enemy reaches 20% but it heals for less.

    Also bloodthirst.

    I think the problem is that warriors are very complex. You can’t just add passive healing and say boom, done. Instead you have to remember the ability to switch stances, use defensive cooldowns like shield wall, and switch back. This is a very complicated class to play efficiently at times, except Season 4, but I think that with the 85 balances we should see some change.

    And Nat can prolly tell us about it more as well.

  3. I believe that’s true (I have it on my lvl 26 warrior). Although I have to admit that with it being so situational as requiring that you KILL something before it is usable, I don’t see it being much help in a longer fight unless glyphs or abilities further down the tree change that, or you’re fighting a ton of mobs.

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