Tyrious is my only non-melee character.  I have mainly played with as Fire, which used to be a melee range caster.  The only reason I leveled him was because I had his Enchanting worked up so high at the time.  I started him after deleting a lowbie Rogue.

PvP: Yes, i’m sure the spec(s) are terrible, but I enjoy what little I do play on him this way.  I really, really, don’t do casters.  In fact, I haven’t even set up his alternate spec or UI since 4.x.  I bring him out to duels, mostly, or when I want to even a PvP playing field by using a character I completely suck at.  It pretty much goes with me just randomly spamming buttons (I don’t even know what a few of my abilities do now) and hoping to win.  Which is fine, because I certainly don’t bring him out to win.  Though I will pull him out if there are a bunch of people in the sky.  Living Bomb is awesome.

RP: I don’t really RP with him much, probably less times than you can count on one hand.  He’s an older Mage who will pretty much follow the king’s lead.  Open season on any Horde for him.

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  1. I’ve always called fire spec “suicide spec”.
    Just make sure who/whatever you’re fighting dies too. Preferably before you do. But right after is still amusing.

  2. lol I was on Guinevere server. I loved that game so much. More than I have ever loved WoW. I only stopped because EVERYONE else Kat my mother, brother,and so on stopped first.

  3. Thanks so much for bringing this up every time anyone mentions Tyrious. What a great friend you are for helping me live this down. You always fail to mention I was top DPS. It wasn’t all raid wipes and ressurections. I had a redeeming quality.

  4. Hahaha… what server did you play on? I was MLF Albion and later moved to Percivale Hibernia for teh arpeez.

    One of my other toons that, sadly, I didn’t get far with before I quit playing was a duel-wielding warrior type who was attempting to become the world’s first human Nightshade. Poor thing would stop random passers-by and ask, “Can you see me?” and when they’d say “Yes” he’d step back a little further and say, “How ’bout now?” and so on until he’d eventually back into something just on the edge of town that would eat him.

  5. I did the same thing with my tank character on DAoC. I would go out to PVP in a robe to sucker em in and then BAM! Eat my two handed sword of DOOOOOOOOM! =)

  6. I remember when I was playing DAOC, I played an assassin-class type that had some limited magic use. I RPed him as the worst mage in the world. I would often send him out into BGs,carrying a staff, looking for all the world like a soft, squishy clothie. Imagine the surprise of the local assassinry who jumped him, only to find him suddenly going all monk on em and stylin’ with that staff (imagine rogues being allowed a 2h weapon). More than one little, splattered kobold, I can tell you.

    Sorry. It’s early, and “character I completely suck at” and RP made me think of this.

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