So we lost the Wintergrasp battle, but we held the keep afterwards.  Just three of us.  Goochacabra, my warrior, and Mecurio.  We beat that…tail.  We took on at least 3 Horde AND all the guards.  I don’t think any of us died at all.  Mecurio had us topped off at all times, and still managed to help out with the damage.  Talk about a ‘balance’ druid!  The best part was this one Warlock that kept suiciding and trying to kill Goochacabra.  This guy would totally try and attack him…with no guards and Mecurio and I standing right next to him.  Finally, Gooch dismounts in air – falls and loses a huge chunk of health – and the warlock decides this must be his moment.  With ~5% life, Gooch takes a fear and…the Warlock dies at our hands as soon as the fear ends.  Poor little Adronox.

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