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  1. Speaking of Holy Pallies you can’t do anything to, our buddy Numquam was inspired to roll an alt to level on the alliance side from time to time, and whispered me to let me know he’d come to visit.

    Now if we could just make him stay….

  2. Kypros says:

    I had some issues with a holy pally which I couldn’t do anything to, but other than that most Horde left me alone in Vashj’ir, but that could be because we were underwater and no one knew where anything was. I heard Hyjal was a different story.

  3. Iriandrial says:

    Yes actually wasn’t too bad. Nightrecluse tried to gank me once, but underwater ranged > melee and he had to run. I was having so much fun too!

  4. I felt really bad for Wolesley hearing how much trouble the Horde in the area were giving him. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was left unmolested, despite being surrounded most of the time by Horde in every direction.

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