Messing around in Wintergrasp.

So I tried to find a little PvP by doing the Wintergrasp quests.  Did one set of quests, and then Wintergrasp.  Finished the quests but lost the Wintergrasp.  Tried poking around the keep with Kypros on our rogues, but Agonistes and a bajillion guards put a stop to that.  He wasn’t going down even with the two of us on him.

We decided to call it quits and jump to our paladins to do the quests.  Agonistes tried hiding in the tree above the camp to keep at range.  That wasn’t happening for him though, and we dusted him in the name of vengeance!  He tried setting his portal in his graveyard for the invulnerability, but we didn’t let him get any use out of it.

Nice work Agonistes!

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