After much playtesting…

I logged over and asked Rim to school me in the art of Rogue.  After switching around auras, seals, buffs, and popping trinkets at varying times, I think I figured out the general setup I need.  At the end he logged over to whisper me, and I think I overwhelmed him with my lack of some apparently standard PvP UI functions, IE battle text.  He helped me (pretty much told me how) to redeisgn my UI as well, so you should see that changing too.  Next school session will be on how to use focus…cause I don’t…

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No Responses

  1. Haha, he should be glad the neighbors have let him live another year. Next year might be the mobs of torch-and-pitchfork waving peasants. 😉

  2. Also, it’s his birthday today! Be nice!

  3. I’ve never had that experience with Rim. Must be the troll in him.

  4. It’s too bad Rips isn’t still around. Better rogue. Better human being at least. I couldn’t imagine him ever logging a level 1 alt to talk shit if he gets outnumbered and killed in/around a capital city. 😉

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