I know this is really late, but better late than never. I really do want to give proper thanks to the artist. The dog itself was drawn by Paulo Liete (@Thek560 on Twitter). He focuses on Dinosaurs and Science Fiction, but he was more than eager to tackle this for me. He did a great job, and was SO easy to work with. Great communication, fair prices, and quick turnaround too! I’ve gotten work from him before for another project, so as you can tell I certainly recommend him. I plan to get more done from him in the future as well.

Brief History of Dogs in Warfare

I chose a dog for a few reasons. Mainly because dogs have been used in war throughout history, and it was difficult finding something that didn’t limit myself to a certain era. Dogs have been used in battle as early as 600 BC, and employed by armies across the world. Ancient commanders such as Atilla the Hun and Napolean made use of dogs in their armies. There were a multitude of uses for dogs as well, from fighting back in the time of Rome, to message couriers during the U.S. Civil War. Today we see dogs used for explosives (IED) sniffing. They are very versatile tools. I also wanted dogs because I love them. I’ve had dogs my whole life. I wanted a German Shepard specifically because it is probably the most recognizable breed in a war-time role, although Belgian Malinois are what you see most of today.

New Artwork

I took my new artwork and tried to continue the war theme. I found some photos via public domain and meshed it together with my new artwork. I tried a few different colors and effects. I’m not an artist, but I’m also not made of money. I do hope to have something ‘professionally’ done eventually. My goal is later this year, but we’ll see how life goes. Click through and check out larger images!


2 thoughts on “New Artwork in 2017!”
  1. What prompted you to want a change from the three-headed dog? I liked how unique and recognisable that was. 🙂 To be honest when I first saw the German Shepherd starting to show up on your thumbnails, I thought you’d decided to make some videos about Fallout 4; it took me a little while to realise that it was in fact your new logo! It’s well-drawn mind you, it just seems a lot less recognisable to me…

    1. I wanted to try a theme for everything. I like the Cerberus on its own, but I just can’t reconcile it with Constant Warfare. I certainly see the Fallout thing, though I’ve never played a single game of the franchise. I have a hard time deciding what I want for artwork, and obviously there’s no Picasso blood in these veins. The Shepherd was mostly a move to settle on a direction, if that makes sense.

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